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Optional Trip Cancellation For Any Reason Coverage
Must be purchased prior to or within 24 hours of initial deposit.
In order to qualify for the Cancel for Any Reason benefit, the following stipulations must be met:
  • Must purchase benefit prior to or within 24 hours of initial deposit.
  • Insured not medically disabled at time of purchase.
  • Coverage purchased for 100% of all prepaid costs.
  • Max trip cost per person of $10,000
  • Insured must cancel the trip more than 48 hours prior to the Scheduled Departure Date.
I want to include Trip Cancellation for Any Reason

Residency: United States
Destination: Worldwide
Ages: All Ages
Max Trip Length: 365 days - Residents of Washington State 90 days
Plan purchases may take place up to and including the day prior to departure.









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