Primary Travel Medical Insurance

Primary Travel Medical Insurance plans can greatly reduce the time it will take for reimbursement of travel medical bills incurred on your trip. Primary coverage means the insurance company will reimburse you first, before any other collectible insurance you may have available. You do not have to submit your medical bills to your regular insurance carrier first, wait to get back the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) showing what they paid, and then submit the remainder of that bill to the travel insurance company.

On the travel insurance claim form you will see that they ask for information on any other insurance you may have as they reserve the right to try to collect what they can from that insurance carrier.

Having a Primary Travel Medical Insurance plan does not mean that the insurance company will pay the medical provider direct on your behalf. While on your trip you will probably have to pay your medical bills and then submit a claim for reimbursement. Travel insurance plans are indemnification plans and reimburse you for eligible medical expenses. In the case of severe injury or illness, always contact the insurance company and let them make the arrangements should an emergency medical evacuation be needed.

There are cases in which the travel insurance provider has handled everything. Click Here to read a travel insurance success story from one of our customers who had purchased a Primary Travel Medical Insurance plan.

Here are the plans that offer Primary coverage.

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Travel Basic from Travelex Insurance Services, Inc.
Before you leave home, consider the unexpected. It is important to protect you and your trip investment in todays environment. Meet your essential travel needs and gain the peace of mind your trip deserves.
Available to U.S. residents
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Travel Max from Travelex Insurance Services, Inc.
The highest level of protection with many extra benefits included such as Flight Accident, Rental Car, pet medical and identity theft services. Waiver of pre-existing medical conditions is available if purchased within 30 days of making the initial trip deposit.
Optional Cancel For Any Reason benefit (which returns up to 75% of trip cost insured) is available.
Available to US residents
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Compare these Primary Travel Medical Insurance
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