Annual Multi-Trip


(also known as Multi-Trip Travel Insurance)

Annual Multi-Trip plans cover all trips throughout the year, subject to a maximum length of 15 - 180 days per-trip, depending on the plan.

Most plans include Travel Medical insurance which reimburses you for emergency medical expenses incurred when you are traveling far from home. 24/7 emergency assistance, emergency medical evacuation, accidental death insurance, baggage protection, trip delay protection, and other trip protection benefits are often included as well.

  • Maximum coverage levels can be substantial enough (up to US$1 million) to cover major medical expenses such as emergency surgery and extended hospital stays.
  • The "American-style" of international medical insurance coverage requires you to pay the specified deductible (excess in the UK) and co-insurance als known as co-pay before the insurer pays any expenses.
  • Plans often require pre-certification by the insurer or designated plan adminitrator prior to hospital admission abroad.
  • When hospitalization is necessary, many insurers provide a guarantee of hospital admission, and some insurers provide direct payments to hospitals
  • When hospitalization is not necessary, most insurers require a claim form to be submitted for reimbursement of covered expenses for basic treatment by a physician and outpatient medical services.
  • A few select plans include Trip Cancellation insurance.
  • Some plans cover domestic and international travel, while some plans only cover travel abroad. 
  • Annual Multi-Trip plans are a good value for frequent travelers.


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Business Travel Accident (BTA) from Global Underwriters
Many U.S. companies and corporations choose to minimize the potential liability they face when employees travel. To further their Duty Of Care strategy they purchase insurance that includes AD&D Benefits, Medical Coverage (Domestic & International), Med-E-Vac Coverage, and Medical Repatriation. Optional War Zone and Political Evacuation Coverage is also available. Premiums are paid by the employer, but benefits are paid directly to employees or their beneficiaries. Premiums are calculated by the number of employees, estimated number of travel days per year per class of employee, and benefits desired.
Available to U.S. based companies.
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Compare these Annual Multi-Trip
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