Hurricanes / Winter Storms / Natural Disasters

You must purchase travel insurance before a storm is named to have coverage.

Travel protection plans provide coverage for trip cancellation or interruption due to a hurricane and provide coverage for other unforeseen natural disasters as well. Typhoon, Cyclone, Earthquake, Tsunami, Flood, Volcanic Eruption, Mudslide, Wildfire, and Blizzards.

It simply boils down to your own personal risk tolerance. You may either take your chances and try your luck or you can transfer the risk of losing out on your vacation investment to a travel protection plan.

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Compare these Hurricanes / Winter Storms / Natural Disasters
Worldwide Trip Protector from Travel Insured International
When your travel needs call for a broad plan but cost saving takes priority, our signature worldwide trip protector is the answer. Worldwide Trip Protector, popular with families, features coverage for children at no extra charge when traveling with their related adult on the same plan.
$100,000 Accident & Medical, $1,000,000 Evacuation
Available to U.S. Residents
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Compare these Hurricanes / Winter Storms / Natural Disasters
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Frequently Asked Questions
If the condo we pre-paid for is hit by a hurricane and destroyed prior to our trip would that be a covered reason for trip cancellation?
Yes. If you have purchased the travel protection plan prior to the naming of that specfic storm, and there are no other alternative accomodations being offered, then that would be a covered reason for trip cancellation.

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